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 How to become a Shop Owner

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PostSubject: How to become a Shop Owner   How to become a Shop Owner I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 30 2011, 01:30

Prices $$$

Shop Manager:
1000 Bells
1400 Bells (unless referred by Mail 1/2 off!)
Rent of building (automatic payment):
400 Bells

How to Rent a Store

So you want to have a store? Sell things made by you! Be creative, the moderators and admins are willing to stretch the forum to fill your needs, like let's say you want a Pet Shop where you sell pets. If you want these to appear in the buyers Home (Profile) You can request us to add a profile field called "pets" for you.

How it works? A shop Manager makes a store, a Banker comes and adds the buyers Bells to the Shop Manager.

Purchase a License
There are two types of Shop Owners licenses you may purchase. After you buy a license you need to rent buildings (topics) for each shop you make.

Shop Manager License:
Buy the Shop Manager license and you can rent as many buildings as you want (must pay for all) and have people buy your stuff.

Shop Banker License:

Buy the Shop Banker license and you can rent as many buildings as you want (must pay for all) and have people buy your stuff. You also don't have to wait for someone to come and reduce your buyer's Bells. The Banker also can use our Lottery forum to create topics and reward people with Bells (on the house and not from you). The Banker has a big responsibility of going around the malls looking for shops that have an

How to become a Shop Owner Awaiti10 topic icon.
(If you become a Shop Banker you must watch the bells of your shop and others aswell, the Admins/City Police will review your request and either deny or accept it, depending on your activity in this forum)

Rent a Building: Once you buy a license you are free to rent a building! Just make a topic in the Mall and the Bells will be automatically decreased from you!

(The Shop Manager edits the first post of their store and adds this icon when a buyer buys something and they want their Bells added to them.
When a Banker sees this icon they then take away X amount of Bells from the buyer and adds it to the Shop Manager...)

***Remember everything is done manually

You must have at least 50 posts to have a store and 80 to be a Banker.

How to Manage Your Shop:

1. You want to have something good to sell, some examples are avatars, signatures, custom pictures, pets, or you can customize their Animal Crossing character in their profile. These are just examples, as mentioned above we are willing to stretch the forum for your needs.

2. Now that you have something good to sell, let's come up with a catchy name for your store. Pick something kinda general like Mr. Mayors Sigs and things, just in case you want to sell more than signatures in the future. Because remember, for each shop you must pay rent! Act like it is a real store because you are selling things ;D be creative with your shop naming.

3. Don't through your items out there!! If you have premade avatars etc. that you made, and you want to display it in advance, put a watermark on it. You may also have commissions where people ask for certain things.

4. PM the buyer their item or post in Topic, and thank them for shopping at your store. Then edit your first post and add an Awaiting Cash icon.

5. Wait. This is the most boring part. You must wait until a Banker sees your topic and adds the Bells to you.

So request a Store below by filling out this registration:

[b]What Position do you want?:[/b] (If Banker please supply why you want to help the community)
[b]Name of Shop:[/b] (you may create more after this because you bought a license, but we just want an idea of the stuff you do.)

Submit your forum in a reply to this topic. When an Admin or City Police gets to you, we will deny or accept your request. If you are accepted you will be added to either the Shop Manager or Shop Admins group.
You may start your shop right after you are accepted in the 'Mall' forum. After you have a license, feel free to make as many shops as you want! (just remember a little bit of bells is taken away each time you make a store.)

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How to become a Shop Owner

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